Another recommendation

I highly recommend you to visit this interesting website dedicated to Basil Rathbone. “The Baz” has written there a nice article on Conrad, as well.


A recommendation

I have just found a very interesting website, dedicated to notable German people. It also includes a large article on Conrad, with lots of interesting images (including never-seen-before documents!) and I am very happy and proud that my Conrad Veidt website is also mentioned there. I want to thank all the visitors who contributed to the success of my CV projects and I wish to keep on the good work also in the future!

You could find the article here


*Some new items today. Among them, a scan from Peter Vanlaw, with Conrad and his friend, Hans Grohmann. Thank you, Peter!

There are also scans of two extremely rare magazines that I recently got with Conrad on the cover, and some nice portraits, as well.

The additions could be found as follows:

Books and magazines

Photo gallery:

Family and friends

Movie stills