Die andere Seite (1931)


Personal opinion: “Die andere Seite” is the German version of the British play “Journey’s End” by R. C. Sherriff. Conrad plays the role of Captain Stanhope, and this is by far his most impressive role in the German sound films. Connie is so convincing as the alcoholic Captain who fears for the war, for the safety of his people – – but in the end he has no fear for death. Connie’s monologues and dialogues, his moments of despair and of great pain are so expressively reflected by him… He uses the same theatrical techniques like in the silent films: the fire in his eyes, the overacted gestures, but in addition to these, his voice is one of his greatest assets. He knows how to say his lines, when to shout and when to speak in a low voice to the others who are under his command. Theodor Loos is another important presence in this great war film – I would say the best among Connie’s German films, because it is a technically well-crafted production, with a very good script, and with great performances from both leading and supporting actors. Conrad is, of course, above all, especially in the close-up from the end of the film, when his eyes are really burning with hate, ambition and desire, willing with all his heart and soul to fight against the enemies and to die for the sake of his country.


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