Die letzte Kompagnie (1929/30)


Personal opinion: Conrad is brilliant in the role of the Prussian Captain, who is a real patriot and a man capable to sacrifice his own life for the duty to his country. It is not the first, nor the last time we see this great actor representing the incarnation of a true hero, a good officer, a man of honor, who prefers to be a rational man, than an ordinary lover. And this is the main truth about Conrad’s philosophy towards acting: being extraordinary by behaving like a normal human being, with sense and sensibility that shapes the personality of each of the heroic characters acted by him on screen. Connie moves me deeply especially by the end of the film, when he knows that the fight is lost, but he still has the courage to confront the enemies and to resist until the last moment, because hope is the only thing that remains when one is in need. The story of Captain Burk is a story of humanity, heroism, and sacrifice, but it is also the privilege of the Germans to praise their past, even if one cannot always win every battle. “Die letzte Kompagnie” was highly successful in Germany, and Connie gave here one of his finest performances. This was his second talkie in the Fatherland, after leaving Hollywood in 1929. 


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