All Through the Night (1942)


Personal opinion: “All Through the Night” is an anti-Nazi thriller, with a complicated plot and some interesting sequences, that became source of inspiration also to other filmmakers. The auction scene, for example, was imitated by Alfred Hitchcock in “North by Northwest”. I found it, too, quite exciting and somehow unusual. Even if this film is pure entertainment and it is not for the public “with brains”, I find Connie’s performance sophisticated and extremely valuable as Hall Ebbing (note that Connie is wearing glasses, and not his own monocle; also the moustache seemed to be an obsession in Hollywood, because they made Connie wear it for this film, and also for “A Woman’s Face”, “Casablanca” and “Above Suspicion”). This man was amazing, because he could turn a simplistic character and a weak film into something better. He is reunited here with his old friend Peter Lorre, and Humphrey Bogart has the leading role – and, no, he is not the gangster, but the good guy. Judith Anderson is also very effective in the role of Ebbing’s assistant. Connie is the one who is involved in suspicious and dangerous activities, risking his own life for his strong belief in the Nazis’ power to run the world. Too bad that poor Connie had to play till the end of his life characters that were despicable to him in real life – Nazi officers and fanatics.


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