Under the Red Robe (1937)


Personal opinion: “Under the Red Robe” is the only film in which Connie is a swashbuckler (just like Errol Flynn). In an interview he said that he was happy with the part of Gil de Berault, because he was fighting, riding and swimming like he never did before in any motion picture. This was a challenge to him and he made every effort to fit as good as possible in the role. Unfortunately, he had no chemistry with his co-star Annabella, who reportedly disliked Conrad (which is obvious also in the scenes with them together), even if he appreciated her capacity to concentrate herself on the role during the filming. Connie is imposing, daring and dashing in this film, but this did not help too much the production of Victor Sjöström to be a successful one, despite the publicity campaign, good script and nice costumes. The sets were modest, the make-up and hair-styles could have been better (you will notice, among others, Connie’s awkward wig), and the direction of Sjöström was not as good as it could’ve been. But, all in all, “Under the Red Robe” is an acceptable piece of entertainment – even if I prefer to see Connie fencing in “The Student in Prague” than in this film.


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