Carlos und Elisabeth (1923/24)


Personal opinion: “Carlos and Elisabeth” is a real masterpiece of the German silent cinema, and Conrad is at one of his best performances in his entire career, playing again a double role, as King Charles V and Don Carlos. Connie is outstanding in the roles of monarchs, and I wish he had made more historical films. “Carlos and Elisabeth” is the screen version of the opera “Don Carlos” by Giuseppe Verdi. The film sets and costumes make you believe you are watching a play. Connie shares the screen with his friend Wilhelm Dieterle, and Aud Egede Nissen is very beautiful and very talented as Princess Eboli, the love interest of Carlos. The execution scene, by the end of this motion picture directed and produced by the master Richard Oswald, is one of the most impressive scenes ever played by Connie. His final moments are heartbreaking, and there is something utterly tragic and so fragile about him in the entire motion picture. I recommend this film to all of those who want to see Connie in a different kind of role, as a man who sacrifices himself for love.


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