Video of the month – my tribute to Conrad and Viola

A special tribute on Connie’s 119th birth anniversary.



Connie’s monthly calendar

From now on, each month there will be a calendar available with Connie, at the Tributes -Calendars section.

I created a calendar for January 2012, and the dominant colour is green, to show that Connie is still fresh and green on his 119 birth anniversary!

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Conrad Veidt – The greatest actor in the world

Today, on Conrad’s 119th birth anniversary, I am opening this new website, which will work simultaneously with

I am a great admirer of Conrad Veidt. I have felt a special affection towards him ever since I saw him many years ago in one of my favourite films, Dark Journey, in which his love interest is my favourite actress, Vivien Leigh. He had an unusual face, an imposing stature, a great personality, a great talent. His hypnotic eyes, his unforgettable voice, his beautiful, expressive hands and, of course, his iconic monocle are only a few of Connie’s important assets. To me, he wasn’t a devil, but an angel, just like the one he played in the heart-warming film The Passing of the Third Floor Back. Nowadays, he is best remembered for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Thief of Bagdad and Casablanca. But there are so many other important films, just to name a few of the 120 motion pictures in which he appeared, and that are still in existence – Different from the Others, Weird Tales, Journey into the Night, The Indian Tomb, Lady Hamilton, Lucrezia Borgia, Waxworks, The Hands of Orlac, Two Brothers, The Student of Prague, The Man Who Laughs, The Last Performance, The Last Company, The Congress Dances, The Other Side, Rasputin, Rome Express, F.P. 1, I Was a Spy, The Wandering Jew, Jew Süss, The Chess Player, The Spy in Black, Contraband, Escape, A Woman’s Face, Nazi Agent, Above Suspicion

Because of his enormous talent, magical beauty and aristocratic air, because of his kindness towards his family, friends, co-stars and fans from around the world, and because of his devotion to the cinema, the seventh art, Conrad Veidt will live for ever, just like a magician who carries us through his untouchable and unmistakable spell, or like a genius who found the perfect formula to be remembered and idolized by generations after generations…

Letter to Conrad Veidt

Dearest Connie,

Thank you for being part of my life in such a special way. Thank you for being a kind, generous person, a real gentleman who helped the people in need. Thank you for being the greatest actor that the world of cinema has ever known, and for devoting yourself completely to each role, with all your heart, soul and mind. I will always love you as if you were my grandfather and I will always remember you with great joy and pure emotion. Even if while writing these words to you I have tears in my eyes, I am happy to know that you rest in peace now in Heaven, together with your darling daughter Viola and with all the people you cared for. God bless you, Opa Connie!