Das indische Grabmal (1921)


Personal opinion: “The Indian Tomb” is my favourite silent film with Conrad. This monumental production was released in two separate films in 1921, and it turned Conrad into a women’s idol. His role as Ayan III, the Maharajah of Bengal, is played by him to perfection, and the exotic looks fit him very well, as he seems to be the real Indian Prince. “The Indian Tomb” is a masterpiece that was fortunately restored and with the addition of new print the version is of 3 hours and 40 minutes. The cast is excellent: Olaf Fønss, Mia May, Erna Morena, Lya De Putti, the director is Joe May and two of the writers are Thea von Harbou (the author of the novel) and the famous Fritz Lang. The costumes and film sets are superlative, and the plot is very complex, entertaining, mysterious and unpredictable. The film’s atmosphere is exotic (owing to the buildings, wild animals and the Indian costumes), full passion and sensuality, and the mix of love and hate makes it very appealing to the public. I highly recommend this amazing production of 1921, so you could see that Connie is not just the Prince of the German cinema, but the supreme master of the seventh art in those unforgettable roaring twenties.


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