Unheimliche Geschichten (1919)


Personal opinion: “Weird Tales” consists of five episodes and each one of them has an intriguing story. The complexity of this film provided young Conrad several interesting roles, in which he had the opportunity to make himself known to the public. Anita Berber (a frequent co-star) and Reinhold Schünzel (another frequent co-star) appear in all five sinister tales that are amazingly well directed by Richard Oswald. This film tends to shock or induce a state of fear. My favourite tale is the last one, where Connie plays the role of the Baron. He looks so wonderful in those extravagant, aristocratic costumes, and the wig and make-up make him look almost feminine. I like all five weird tales and I am glad to know that most of the original footage is available, even if something is obviously missing from each episode. This kind of framed stories appeal to me and also the intro is original, brilliant and unusual. Seeing Connie, Anita and Reinhold as three painted characters (Death, courtesan and Deavil) that come to life at midnight in a bookstore was unexpected to me. A trully fascinating film of the German cinema, and highly recommended to any of Conrad’s fans.


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