Der Mann, der den Mord beging (1930/31)


Personal opinion: Assuming the risk of repeating myself, I must say that Conrad is the type of actor with class and great personality. No matter what roles he plays, he is always the best, even if his characters are so different from one another, and so challenging to us, his fans, his public. In this film, Connie plays the role of the Marquis who falls for a beautiful, aristocratic woman, and very unhappy in her marriage. This is the first sound film in which Connie appears with moustache, and somehow it is hard to recognize him. He looks dashing in the elegant military uniforms and the tuxedos that always fit him to perfection. But here we have not just a story about the high society placed in an exotic background like Constantinopole, but also a drama about the platonic love that needs sacrifice. Connie, our hero, commits the murder for the woman he loves and for whom he feels pity, at the same time, because Lady Falkland, played by the distinguished and fragile Trude von Molo, is a victim of a ruthless husband, who is never honest, nor respectful to her. Even if the pace of the film is quite slow, Connie gives a fine performance as the man who acts with diplomacy in a very difficult situation, “stealing the show” from everyone, as usual.


4 thoughts on “Der Mann, der den Mord beging (1930/31)

  1. Dear Monique: I am a fan of Conrad Veidt and his films from Finland and I simply adore Der Mann der den Mord beging /Nächte am Bosporus. I have watched many times clips of it in the Youtube and it seems I cannot get enough. The camerawork with its slow, wide runs, the music that fits the pace and theme of the film so well and the acting, especially Veidt’s portrayal of a quiet but deeply feeling officer are in my opinion out of this world. I know many people would find the film old-fashioned but I think that taste, skill and quility go never out of fashion. My only regret is that it is impossible to get hold of a copy of this film. I do not need subtexts, I understand German well enough. Has this been shown in German television, and nobody has been around with a videotape? Can you help me?

    1. Hello! I have a good copy of this film, in German with French subtitles. I could give it to you, but you would have to pay for the DVD and the shipping, if that is ok with you. Please contact me by e-mail, at

      I will be waiting for your reply.

      Thank you.


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