Rome Express (1932)


Personal opinion: Even if “Rome Express” is considered a classic and it is a typical English film – with elegant, distinguished people and witty dialogue – I don’t particularly like Conrad’s role here as a criminal. Despite his villain roles, Connie could never be trully and completely a bad person, because he was a good man in real life. Zurta is the only character he played who is really mean and hateful, a man who isn’t in love with anybody and who could blackmail and kill for money. This is a very evil role, and I don’t think it fits Connie. He is far above the little and, no matter how successful the film was at its time,  I wouldn’t have advised Conrad to accept the role of an ordinary criminal, who steals paintings and commits murders. But for those who enjoy thrillers and the more than usual “cat and mouse” chase, “Rome Express” is indeed a source of good entertainment in this respect.


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