Der Geiger von Florenz (1925/26)


Personal opinion: “Der Geiger von Florenz” is one of the very few films in which Connie plays the role of the father. Ironically, he became a real-life father exactly during the filmings for this silent production, as his daughter Viola was born on August 10, 1925. So, the role and the film itself were even more appealing to him because of the happy event in his personal life. What I don’t understand is why they chose Elisabeth Bergner to play the role of the daughter, knowing that she was his lover in Nju? Elisabeth was too old for the role, even if she was a very fine actress. I think this was an awkward choice, but still is pure enjoyment to see Conrad and his daughter dealing with personal problems, having fights and reconciliations. In a way, it was similar to the real-life story of Conrad and Viola. She had to accept his new wife, Lily, she was sent to school in Switzerland and she lived for quite a long time without her father. There are many similarities between this film and daily family life, and this makes it not only realistic, but also psychologically very effective and interesting to watch.


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