Orlacs Hände (1924/25)


Personal opinion: Conrad is nowhere else more expressive using his hands than in this film. It’s incredible to see how great his performance is here, playing a character who rejects his new hands. I am sure it was difficult to make this horror film of Robert Wiene, but Connie is absolutely outstanding in each and every frame of this real gem of the Expressionist cinema. “The Hands of Orlac” was a very controversial production owing to several scenes that were censored in certain cinemas. It came as a real shock to the public, and Connie himself was a witness to the public’s reaction. Luckily, he knew how to make them understand the plot of the film, the psychology of the characters and the rationale that stands behind this utterly complex and unpredictable horror-thriller motion picture. “The Hands of Orlac” is one of the most acclaimed films in Connie’s career, and his unsurpassable talent is accurately reflected here, in this monumental production of the German cinema. A “must” for any fan of Conrad Veidt.


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