Wilhelm Tell (1923)

Personal opinion: “Wilhelm Tell” is a film about Switzerland’s national hero, played here by Hans Marr. Conrad has the role of the evil Gessler, and he is very effective as the tyrant who tries to humiliate and even kill Wilhelm Tell. It is, in a way, a political film – but not as political as the sound version from 1934. In addition to this, the film has some nice, romantic moments owing to the presence of the fine actress Erna Morena as Gessler’s love interest. The costumes and film sets create a unique atmosphere, as if it were in Neverland, but there is also a lot of tension reflected in such poignant scenes like the one where Tell is obliged by Gessler to shoot an arrow towards his own son. I would say that “Wilhelm Tell” is a fine film, Connie looks brilliant, and all the actors have good performances. It is not a masterpiece, but it is worth watching.


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