So many new things today! Lots of screencaps from the movie “Weird Tales” and some rare scans from my collection at the “Movie stills” section from the “Photo gallery” page.

Also some wonderful portraits of Connie at the “Portraits” section from the “Photo gallery” page, and a scan of a very rare and precious Film Weekly magazine, at the “Books and magazines” page.

But perhaps the most important update is that I started to transcribe the articles written on Connie – and by Connie himself! Look at the “Articles” page and you will find separate sections, each one of them containing an article related to Conrad Veidt. I highly recommend you to read Connie’s article, “The Secret of Personality”.

Enjoy all these wonderful things and feel free to leave your comments about the updates!

Here are a few samples of the scans I put today. Special thanks to Birgit for the photo of Connie and Elisabeth Bergner in “Der Geiger von Florenz”.


Special announcement

Dear Visitors,

I am happy to announce some new changes on this website. The most important is that I changed the design, which I hope you will find optimistic, colourful, and full of joy, just the way we should all remember our dearest Connie, whose 121st birthday we shall be celebrating soon! Also expect some nice updates this month, including a special video tribute in Connie’s memory. I intend, as well, to develop the “Articles” section, as soon as I have some more spare time – it will be this year, for sure!

I also encourage you to contribute with your own tributes on this website. You could contact me at conradveidtforever@yahoo.com, and I will post your creations here, and I will credit you for them, as well. If there are any suggestions you have related to this website, I am eagerly waiting for them.

I also want to mention that from now on this will be the main website dedicated to updates related to my Conrad Veidt memorabilia. Owing to the lack of space, the former website, http://www.conradveidt.wordpress.com, will continue to exist, but will remain mainly an archive. You will be able to visit it whenever you like and to see all the wonderful scans from my collection, and also from the collection of such valuable contributors like Birgit, Marion, Andreas, and Andi, just to name a few of them.

The most important thing is that I want to thank all the fans of Conrad Veidt who have supported me in this great project that I started several years ago (ever since 2010), and I am very happy to be part of such a dedicated community like you are, the Veidt fans!

So, you have all the reasons to continue to fight for Conrad Veidt! I will do my best to keep on the good work, for you and for Connie, of course!

My warmest wishes to you,

Monique classique