Anders als die Andern (1919)


Personal opinion: “Different from the Others” was the first motion picture that presented the controversial issue of homosexuality. This was one of the first films of Conrad, and he looks very young and candid in the role of the violin virtuoso. It is hard for me to write on this topic, but I will only say that Connie’s portrayal of a homosexual was very decent and deeply emotional. Even if “Different from the Others” was harshly criticised by the time it was released, and when Hitler came to power, he ordered all the footage to be destroyed, people from nowadays see this sort of things from a different, modern, open-minded perspective. In the 80’s some fragments were discovered and the film was shown on television, gaining a lot of popularity. The existing print – which is around 30 minutes – was restored and some original stills from the lost scenes were introduced in the new version, in an attempt to create a sense of continuity. There might be other copies around the world, but at the moment only the incomplete version is available. 


2 thoughts on “Anders als die Andern (1919)

  1. I just have seen this film, and I think It was so cute, Now I have seen 5 movies, I just discovered Connie a few days… The first the movies I see was The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The hands of Orlac and The man Who laughts… Well… then I saw Anders als die andern, and his role of an homosexual violinist (same as his role in all the other movies I seen before) was so expressive, emotive, sensible, cute and tender.
    The history of an impossible love and the sad end make me feels a lot of emotios. Definitly I feel obsessed with Connie now… Are all his character so tender as Cesare, Gwynplaine and Paul.?? I just felt in love with all!! I want to know more about him… his characters and of course his personal life too! everything!

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