The Beloved Rogue (1927)


Personal opinion: Conrad is excellent at playing monarchs, and “The Beloved Rogue” provided him a role in which he is not necessarily ruthless, but very amusing. This was his first film made in Hollywood, and it gained him an enormous popularity in the USA, after he was invited by co-star John Barrymore to appear together in this motion picture. Unfortunately, a great part of Connie’s scenes as King Louis XI were cut from the original, when Barrymore realised that his performance was too low in comparison to Conrad’s. It was a foolish trick from Barrymore, and other actors, except for the generous Connie, would have certainly been angry at this obvious lack of respect. It was, in fact, an infringement of their agreement, because everybody who read the script knew how large Connie’s part really was. But they all kept quiet, because Connie was the stranger, and Barrymore was the star of the American land of dreams named Hollywood…


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