Der Kongress tanzt (1931)


Personal opinion: “Der Kongress tanzt” is one of Connie’s best remembered films. He plays the role of Prince Metternich and the action is placed in 1815, during the Congress in Vienna. The historical part is less important here. What matters is the delightful atmosphere, the musical numbers, and the beauty and charm of the main characters, played by Lilian Harvey (who appeared also in the French and English versions), Willy Fritsch (as Czar Alexander), Conrad (who also appeared in the English version) and Lil Dagover (as the Countess). “Der Kongress tanzt” is one of those classics that one could never forget and would watch and re-watch over the years. This was a masterpiece of the UFA Studios, and it provided Connie the chance to close the circle of his German film career in a very elegant and distinguished manner (the other great films being Die andere Seite, Rasputin and Ich und die Kaiserin). Conrad is delightful to look at and he gave a splendid performance as the strong-minded prince.


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