Der Gang in die Nacht (1920)


Personal opinion: “Der Gang in die Nacht” was considered lost for many years, until a print was discovered in the 1980s at “Staatliches Filmarchiv” from East Berlin, and Cinèmathèque Française restored it. Now, there are many copies of this film available around the world – some are poor, others are good. But no matter how the quality of the print is, Conrad’s outstanding performance as the blind painter who falls in love with the wife of the doctor who cures him (played by the fine actor Olaf Fønss) will make you watch this important silent creation of the German cinema. There are many picturesque scenes in the film, and most of them are with Connie walking around the village. The most remarkable scene is the one in which Connie’s character tries to read a book and he can’t see anything, because he is blind again. The actor’s sufferance is so visible here, his veins cover his temples and front, his hands and his whole body are shivering with despair and fear, his entire world collapses under the impact of the cruel destiny. F.W. Murnau’s “Der Gang in die Nacht” is a visual expression of pure emotion and frailty, in a world that could never be perfect.


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