The Wandering Jew (1933)


Personal opinion: Conrad simply shines in four different impersonations of the Jew Matathias, who is cursed to live indefinitely, until Christ will come to him. In the meantime, he becomes more and more faithful to God, and he acquires high spirituality and a holy power that cures the sick people. His physical appearance is also changed throughout the passing of time. And the final scene is so impressive, that it always makes me cry. Connie would have been a good choice for the role of Jesus Christ, because he dedicates himself completely to each role and he trully understands his parts – in his mind, in his heart and in his soul. Despite the film’s controversies – especially on the delicate subject of Religion, Inquisition and Reincarnation – “The Wandering Jew” provided Connie the chance to express his enormous talent and great capacities on being extremely convincing in the very difficult roles. For those who want to see Connie’s genius at full capacity, I recommend to watch this film, together with “The Passing of the Third Floor Back” and “Jew Süss”.


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