Lucrezia Borgia (1922)


Personal opinion: “Lucrezia Borgia” is another masterpiece of Richard Oswald, and it is an excellent historical film about the Borgia family. Conrad is stupendous in the role of the evil Cesare Borgia, and all of his scenes in this motion picture (filmed on location, in Italy) are simply outstading. Perhaps owing to his own personal problems, Conrad managed to convey through his physical appearance, facial expressions and gestures each and every trait of the real Cesare. He is so cruel because he is not loved, he feels lonely and he wants to take revenge on anyone who dares to approach his beloved Lucretia, played by the beautiful and talented Liane Haid. He is cursed by his father, who is Pope Alexander VI, played by the great Albert Bassermann. This is one of the most iconic scenes in the German film history. The battle scenes by the end of the film are also marvellous. Conrad looks like a real cavalier in armour. “Lucrezia Borgia” is a perfect creation from the beginning to the end, owing to the brilliant performances of the actors, the director and the entire crew, that managed to create a great silent film both technically and dramatically. The newly restored version is over 120 minutes and available on DVD.



One thought on “Lucrezia Borgia (1922)

  1. I just finished my first viewing of the Grapevine DVD. Superb print quality and organ score. Couldn’t be bettered. The film is by far the biggest, most elaborate production of all his surviving German Silents, and although it’s an all-star cast it’s Veidt’s show all the way, maybe even his best silent performance alongside “The Man Who Laughs”. A must for fans!

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