Die Flucht in die Nacht (1926)


Personal opinion: “Die Flucht in die Nacht” is a very interesting film, and Conrad is at one of his best roles in the silent cinema. He is so convincing as the Italian Count who turns his entire life into a masquerade, and he keeps the tension from the beginning to the end. This is the kind of role made for Conrad, and he is so good at being bad, evil, ruthless and even immoral to his own family! Some people might think the character has lost his mind, but others are convinced that he plays a charade because he enjoys every minute of it. He lives, in fact, in a world of dreams, of powerful imagination and reminiscence for more than half of his life, and the most impressive scene, in which Connie is absolutely superb, is the one where he pulls the curtains back and sees himself in the mirror. He sees a face that grew older, the hair is white, and the skin is pale and wrinkled. Of course, imagine what a great actor Connie was as he played this sort of character when he was only 33! This is above make-up and special lighting effects. This is another proof of our idol’s genius and great talent, that certainly has no rival in the world of seventh art, and none of us should forget that Connie was one of the most prominent creators of that wonderful planet, isolated from the others, called “Cinema”.


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