Nju (1924)


Personal opinion: “Nju” is a very interesting film because it brings in front of the public an impressive love triangle in which are implicated three great actors: Conrad Veidt, Elisabeth Bergner and Emil Jannings. The film exists in fragmentary form, but it still has some memorable scenes, that made it such a popular drama back in 1924. Conrad is again good at being bad, and his selfishness and desire to be a dominant presence determines his lover, a married woman and the mother of a little girl, to abandon her family for him. Nowadays, girls and ladies say that they would do the same thing – love a young, handsome and intelligent poet, instead of an old, fat and boring husband – but the film “Nju” conveys the strong and important message that no matter how powerful are one’s dreams of love, they should never forget about the family and the people who have cared for them for a long time, long before they met their platonic or true love.


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