King of the Damned (1935/36)


Personal opinion: Conrad has an unusual role here, as he plays the leader of the convicts in an isolated island. “King of the Damned” is, in fact, an allegory of the totalitarian regime, that encompassed half of Europe by the time the film was made. Conrad was very much against Hitler and the Nazis, and this is a film that shows his disapproval of the dramatic changes that happen in a land where control by physical force and oppression turns people into slaves or convicts. “King of the Damned” is not a film easy to watch, but it is a very good and modern production. It is unusual to see Conrad half naked and running in a jungle in the middle of a storm, but it is important to remark that he is very convincing in the role of a popular leader, supported by the masses. This shows that Conrad’s charisma and rhetorical aptitude would have helped him to become a real-life exponent of the political side, and maybe he would have reached great success, because he had the power to do it. He had inner strength and determination, he was a man of great ambition and faith, and he cared for people. This is the reason why, in my opinion, Connie shouldn’t have been just a leader of the convicts in a more or less known British motion picture, but a real political leader, that could have changed the course of history and would have given a new shape to this world.


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