Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (1924)

Personal opinion: This film reunited Conrad with three of the most prominent actors of the German cinema – Werner Krauss, Emil Jannings and Wilhelm Dieterle. I would say that “Waxworks”, a masterpiece of Paul Leni, was the most important production in Conrad’s silent film career, because it established his fame all over the world. He was perfect in the role of Ivan the Terrible, and his performance was a source of inspiration also to other actors and filmmakers over the time. This was also the film that made Connie popular in the USA, and the American actor John Barrymore insisted on him to come to Hollywood and co-star in “The Beloved Rogue”. I don’t think there is another actor in this world who could play Ivan the Terrible and Rasputin better than Connie – even if he is a German, and not a Russian. This is the most important proof of Conrad’s enormous talent: the capacity to concentrate on difficult roles and to be for a period of time a character that has nothing in common with him. Connie’s physical qualities also helped him very much to convey the strong emotions and thoughts. His magical hands and hypnotic eyes, together with his talent and special skills, make him give a very realistic, impressive and deeply sensible and sensitive performance every time, so that the public would really believe that he is Ivan or Rasputin or any other characters that he played by the passing of time, in his fabulous career. That is why I consider Conrad Veidt the greatest actor in the world – and there will be no one like him. Never, ever!


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