Der Student von Prag (1926)


Personal opinion: “The Student of Prague” is one of Conrad’s most important accomplishments in his entire career. He said in an interview that it took him 40 days to accommodate himself with the character, because it was indeed a very difficult role. He played not only the student Balduin, but also his separate image from the mirror. He practically gave his soul to the Devil to make him rich and powerful, so he could marry a beautiful Countess. Unfortunately, his ego and “the other silhouette” are stronger than him, and commits suicide. That was the most amazing scene ever played by Connie – the moment he kills the twin image and realizes that, in fact, he also hurt himself to death. His struggle to escape from the world and from the monster that became his other half reflects the consequence of people’s weakness to accept a commitment that would bring them disillusion and even death. But the moment they want to think about it again and change their mind, they discover that their reality is like a river with no return, and all the efforts to correct their mistakes would be in vain…


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