Ich und die Kaiserin (1932/33)


Personal opinion: “Ich und die Kaiserin” is another lovely operetta of Lilian Harvey. The film has many wonderful costumes and sets, with some very enjoyable musical, romantic and comical moments. Conrad plays the role that fits him best – an aristocrat. He is the Marquis von Pontignac, who falls in love with a song that saves his life. In his struggle to discover the voice of the person who played it for him, he thinks that the Empress (Mady Christians) saved his life, but in fact it was her maid (Lilian Harvey). This little trick of destiny might be realistic only in a film like this, because “Ich und die Kaiserin” is more like a fairy tale. It was Connie’s last film made for the UFA studios and his farewell to the Fatherland. A very gracious and emotional “Goodbye!” from Germany’s most gifted actor, a man of honor and profoundly dedicated to the art for art’s sake.


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