F.P. 1 (1932/33)


Personal opinion: Seeing Connie as an aviator is quite unusual. In fact, this is the only role of this type that he ever played in his entire career. But he is remarkable in the aviator costumes and steerind airplanes. “F.P. 1” is a good film, even if it was cut a lot from the original. Connie makes an interesting pairing with Jill Esmond (a good friend of his in real life, and the ex-wife of Laurence Olivier). In addition to this, Connie re-teams with Leslie Fenton, who appeared with him also in “The Last Performance”. Even if the costumes are very poor in “F.P. 1” (except for Connie’s costumes, which are very nice), the images with the airplanes and the large platform are technically very impressive considering the date when the film was made.


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