Die Brüder Schellenberg (1925/26)


Personal opinion: “Die Brüder Schellenberg” is one of the many films in which Conrad plays a double role. He is extremely good and impressive in two different performances in the same motion picture. He is very convincing in portraying two brothers who are only physically alike, because their destiny, their beliefs and feelings oblige them to live appart one from another. In my opinion, “Die Brüder Schellenberg” , together with “The Student of Prague” are two of the most impressive performances in Connie’s entire career. These silent films provided him enormous parts, with a complicated plot, and with numerous conflicts generated by difficult situations and pangs of conscience. Conrad’s genius is at peak in a film like “Die Brüder Schellenberg”, where he is the star above all the other stars, even if he appears on screen in some poignant scenes with his old friend Lil Dagover, who shared with him the enormous success of “Dr. Caligari” back in 1919.


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