The Men in Her Life (1941)


Personal opinion: “The Men in Her Life” is mostly a women’s film. It is a very delicate and beautiful motion picture, perhaps owing to the dramatic plot, but also to one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and talented leading ladies, Loretta Young. She is really enchanting in the role of the ballerina, and Connie is superb as her ballet instructor. I read an interview in which he said that he always wanted to make a film about ballet, and now he had the opportunity. He is very convincing in the role of the commanding teacher, who also happens to become the mentor and the husband of the ballerina Lina Varsavina. His great love and devotion to her turned Lina into a great dancer and she was very much acclaimed around the world. “La rose blanche” was the iconic dance of Lina, and Stanislas Rosing’s ultimate triumph and last chance to see her in the happiest and most glorious moments in both their lives, until he left her all alone after his sudden death owing to a heart attack. I have to remark that Connie often played very sick people – physically and psychologically – but even if no one in Hollywood knew about his heart problems, the screenplays revealed, most of the times, the reality of his own life. A heart of gold, full of love, passion, and a mix of deep feelings, that couldn’t resist under the huge pressure of an endless war, too far from the beloved ones and from the hopes and ideals of a great man.


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