Nazi Agent (1942)


Personal opinion: “Nazi Agent” is up to a certain point an imitation of the silent film “Die Brüder Schellenberg”. We have again two brothers who are very similar one to another, but their personality is different. Connie is splendid in double role, as usual, but the plot of “Nazi Agent” ruins the perspective of a wonderful film. The ending is also depressing, and I am sure it made Connie unhappy, too. And I don’t understand why they chose Ann Ayars as Connie’s leading lady. She is not a good actress and not even a great beauty, even if she has some sort of elegance. She is not even known as an actress, she was a minor presence in Hollywood, and this was a disrespectful attitude of Hollywood towards Connie, to let him have the rest of the pieces. He was a dignified man and a very courageous one. Unfortunately, the Nazis simply couldn’t let him return to his beloved Germany or to England, where he got his citizenship in 1938. There he had the top billing in almost all the films, and most of them were very good productions. There was no place for him to escape but Hollywood, where he got what he didn’t deserve. An almost unbearable swan song for such a special gentleman, a genius of the seventh art and a man of honor and great kindness.


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