January 22, 2012


Dear Conrad Veidt fans,

By opening this new website exactly a year after the first website and on Connie’s birthday, my intention is to let each of you to fight on your way for this legendary and unique actor. You are free to tell true or fictional stories about him – whether he is your idol, he is among your favourite actors, or if you simply appreciate his work in cinema. Let the others see what the Conrad Veidt world looks like, and make them curious to virtually meet this great man, actor, and human being of enormous sensibility and artistic taste.

You are free to:

-write your personal thoughts and feelings towards the genius of the Silver Screen;

-propose plans to revigorate the great celebrity of Conrad Veidt the way he was and still should be around the world (such as film festivals in his honour);

-make any suggestions, comments, personal reviews or contributions and tributes of any sort (for this you have the Tributes section);

-let everyone see that you care for and fight for Conrad Veidt.

I will personally contribute on this website with articles about Connie’s life and career (at the Articles section). I also added a section dedicated to the synopsis and my personal comments on each of Conrad’s available films. There is also a gallery – but the photos are not in a particular order and some of them have to be renamed, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for this, at the moment. At the “Books and magazines” section you will find covers of books and magazines featuring Connie. The Tributes section is the fans’ corner. If you want to write something there, you are free to do it, and if there are any materials you want to share with everyone, send me an e-mail at conradveidtforever@yahoo.com. This is also the e-mail where you could reach me in case you are interested in copies of any of Connie’s available films.

In the end, I invite you to (re)discover Conrad Veidt just the way he was/meant to be, and even beyond that. This website will work simultaneously with http://conradveidt.wordpress.com. It will not focus on photographic materials (like the first one), but rather on written materials – articles, essays, lists, synopsis, reviews of Connie’s films and information about his life.


Yours sincerely,

Monique classique


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the great website! Mr Veidt is my favorite actor & I’m glad that my appreciation of his talent & humanity is shared.
    Looking forward to reading more!

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