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Here are a few samples.




Several new scans today, mostly scans from my collection.

Special thanks to Alex Murd for his splendid sketches of Conrad. You could find them at https://conradveidtforever.wordpress.com/fan-tributes/others/

Also thanks to Birgit for her contribution.

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Books and magazines

Photo gallery – Movie stills and Portraits

Here are some samples of the latest additions

CVPencil ConradColor The Men in Her Life (1941) IFB magazine Conrad portrait for Dark Journey (1937) Conrad and Vivien Leigh in Dark Journey (1937) Conrad and Joan Gardner in a deleted scene from Dark Journey (1937) Conrad and Joan Gardner in Dark Journey (1937) Conrad and Annabella in Under the Red Robe (1937) Conrad and Liane Haid in Die Brüder Schellenberg (1925)

Conrad in the 1920s
Conrad in the 1920s

Conrad in Dark Journey (1937) Conrad in Wahnsinn (1919)


*Plenty of updates today. Special thanks to Birgit for part of the scans.

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Here are some samples of part of the additions.


So many new things today! Lots of screencaps from the movie “Weird Tales” and some rare scans from my collection at the “Movie stills” section from the “Photo gallery” page.

Also some wonderful portraits of Connie at the “Portraits” section from the “Photo gallery” page, and a scan of a very rare and precious Film Weekly magazine, at the “Books and magazines” page.

But perhaps the most important update is that I started to transcribe the articles written on Connie – and by Connie himself! Look at the “Articles” page and you will find separate sections, each one of them containing an article related to Conrad Veidt. I highly recommend you to read Connie’s article, “The Secret of Personality”.

Enjoy all these wonderful things and feel free to leave your comments about the updates!

Here are a few samples of the scans I put today. Special thanks to Birgit for the photo of Connie and Elisabeth Bergner in “Der Geiger von Florenz”.