Commemorating Conrad Veidt’s death & updates

Today we are commemorating the death of Conrad Veidt, who left this world on April 3rd, 1943. On this occasion, let us remember him in the best years of his life and through his film career. Today, there are some updates. Sorry for the lack of new scans lately. I was very much involved in academic activities for my PhD thesis and for the seminars I teach, and I also had some family issues. I promise I will continue to put scans on this website in the future.

The new additions can be found at the “Books and magazines” and “Movie stills” sections. Here are a few samples.

Together we fight for Conrad Veidt!


2 thoughts on “Commemorating Conrad Veidt’s death & updates

  1. Beautiful!! ❤ there are so many movies I still have to see ❤ Connie was amazing… Its sad that He leave us too soon ;n; I made a draw to conmemmorate his death anniversary… In love memory to the sweet Veidt

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