Connie’s calendar in August



3 thoughts on “Connie’s calendar in August

  1. Hi Monica, I have some contribution to Connie’s calendar in August(after Soister’s book). See as follow:

    5 August 1931, world premiere of “Die Nacht der Entscheidung” 8 August 1919, premiere of “Die Okarina” 8 August 1941, MGM premiere of “Whistling in the Dark” 12 Aug 1939, general release of “The Spy in Black” 23 Aug 1923, world premiere of “Wilhelm Tell” 25 Au 1930, world premiere of “Die grosse Sehnsucht” 30th of August 1919, general release of “Die Prostitution” and in August(no day mentioned) 1934, world premiere of “Bella Donna”

    In most of these events (especially the Berlin ones of the early years) he had to take part personally.

    Wish you good work, Judit.

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